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Makeson Drinxon Relieve SuperPAC from Creative Role

LOS ANGELES, CA— With the release of the finale episode of their reality-style series Makesing the Brand on Monday, Makeson Drinxon would like to officially announce the firing of Super Preeminent American Cinema from their creative roles in the marketing and entertainment department.

The move triggers a deep-page loophole in the contracts signed by SuperPAC founding member Nich Esposito that states “in the event of firing or release of duty, the aforementioned signee relinquishes soul property of self and creative output, vis a vis their waking life, as well as remain a platform of and conduit for any and all creative endeavors of the company (MAXDRX), insofar as their lives and social media at any given moment will allow.”

Effective immediately, the removal paves the way for administrative acquisition Thom Dingmus to head up the new-look marketing and entertainment department at Makeson Drinxon under the “post-millennial guidance” of his tech-first lab team. The Makesing Dreamsons ThinkTank and associated art ventures will continue in this new makeup.

Next week’s web-wide release of The SuperPAC’s final film for Makeson Drinxon, “JOHN BRAMES JOHN CANNOT BE STOPPED” is still slated for a marquee President’s Day premiere, and expected to do big numbers for the company.

Makeson Drinxon would like to thank The SuperPAC for their years of tireless effort and expect some wonderful forced promotion of our products from the team in the future.

Below read the synopsis for JOHN BRAMES JOHN CANNOT BE STOPPED, coming Monday 2/19:

“When the President’s secret Tequila & Brandy recipe is stolen, the world’s nuclear arsenal is in danger, and only one man can save us all…

The newest John Brames John adventure from Makeson Drinxon brings us the return of legend Luigi Conté to the titular role he made famous over an epic 8-film run through the ‘80s and ‘90s.

In it, John Brames John is sent by the President of Makeson Drinxon and the United States to retrieve the secret Tequila & Brandy recipe and save the world’s nukes. Action! Violence! Explosions! Sexy Sexism! Action! Branded Product Enrichment! Expect all of this and more in… JOHN BRAMES JOHN CANNOT BE STOPPED… coming President’s Day 2018.”

Makesing Dreamsons™ Sign SuperPAC Alum to New Deal

SuperPAC Musician “Apostrophe S” Has Been Signed to New Extension Deal With Makesing Dreamsons Creative Thinktank™

LOS ANGELES, CA — The Makeson Drinxon family and Makesing Dreamsons Creative Thinktank™ are excited to announce that early this week resident SuperPAC musician Apostrophe S has been signed to a separate musician contract extension.

In addition to all work with the Thinktank’s first acquisition (Super Preeminent American Cinema), Apostrophe S will now head up the new Makeson Music Drinxon Academy, a creative hub for all things Makesing Dreamsons music.

After signing the deal, The Artist Who Denotes Ownership said of the Academy: “I’m so glad to finally be making it out of the basement and into the dungeon. I’d like to thank the higher ups at Makeson Drinxon and let everyone know that I’m changing the name of this musical subsidiary to Makeson Traxin’s Music Academy or something. Stay up.”

You can find Apostrophe S’ newest release The Stakes Are So Low, But The Standards Are So High here.

Makeson Drinxon’s OFFICIAL Review of “Enter the Drinxon: The Makeson Drinxon Way”

In today’s fast-paced capitalist society, it is easy to lose sight of what matters. The liberal media and leftist entertainment industry are ever stifled by their notions of total free speech and creative expression.

Never was there truly a time when a story or property could flourish without the backing of power. Of money. Of prestige.

So its all the more refreshing then, when a piece of work today not only shows an understanding of this method, but respects it. Has the foresight to revel in the glory that is branding. Decisions driven only by the product that makes the telling of your story possible. The singing of your song. The living of your life.

That is why it is with great pleasure we give Makeson Drinxon’s Enter the Drinxon: The Makeson Drinxon Way an unencumbered 5 STARS and 5 Barrel Bottles™ for its outstanding aptitude in honoring its sponsor.

The return of John Brames John was a spectacle outshone solely by the product that he’s searching for, Makeson Drinxon’s Tequila & Brandy. And that’s exactly how a movie should be.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store when John returns in John Brames John Cannot Be Stopped.


***** (5 stars)

ßßßßß (5 Barrel Bottles™)

Makesing Dreamsons™ Start Makesing Streamsons

New Video Game Digital Athletes “The Stream Team” Join Makesing Dreamsons Creative Thinktank™

 LOS ANGELES, CA– We would like to officially announce video game digital athletes and professional online murderers “The Stream Team” as the newest members of the Makeson Drinxon family.

After flying in from New York early Sunday morning, team representative Randomh3ro1 signed the trio up to an undisclosed long-term creative and “total-cover” contract beginning immediately.

The end of March will see the first official Makeson Drinxon 24 Hour Stream Team Cream Dream LaserBeam Stream brought to you by Makeson Drinxon. Other team members ir0nbarbarian and f00kme said, “we are not only overjoyed by the deal with Makeson Drinxon, we’ve already purchased 24″ rims and hot tubs in anticipation of the money!”

Not so sure what they meant by that last part, but join us in welcoming the Stream Team to the Dream Team at Makesing Dreamsons™ and follow along with their immoral bloodsporting at Twitch TV. (alt links: f00kmeir0nbarbarian)

Makeson Drinxon Official Statement

In Light of Recent Rumors

Though we usually don’t like to fuel the fire of bad journalism with an outward response to accusations and assumptions made by the media and public outlets, we feel now is the time to be clear under such libelous claims from this trashy “Borfes Magazine,” or whatever they call themselves.

Let us state it plainly: There is not one, not one single ounce of the recent “John Brames Gone” clickbait garbage published by this supposed periodical that holds any bit of truth, aside from the fact that Tim O’Brien is working with The SuperPAC on the current Makeson Drinxon John Brames John web film project.

Their incendiary hate speech does little more than gain the clicks and views of empty wet brains. We’re not sure how much it costs to employ a fact checker or editor of any kind, but it must be out of their budget.

Here’s some facts for you:

Barton Everett is a wannabe son to a shit father that wasn’t really his. He chews cheese and smells of it badly. His magazine stinks even worse.

If you want a war, a war you will get, Borfes. You have been warned.

The Name’s John, Brames John!

As we fast approach the premiere of Makeson Drinxon’s Enter the Drinxon: The Makeson Drinxon Way, we’d like to take the opportunity now to get to know our film’s star– Tim O’Brien!


“Makesing The Nexxxt John Brames John”

 In the whipping heat of the summer of ’15, our casting and talent agents, with the aid of our creative servants, set out across the land in search of our Brames.

A truly open call– not held to gender, genital, race, or even species– the mission was long and tiring. An assistant director quit. A bus was lost. Several crew interns even met their ends in the heat and frothy savagery.

But after weeks of desert toiling, a talent emerged so raw and fully refined, it nearly defied the realm of possibility.

“Tequila… & Brandy. …However that’s served.”

Hailing from the snowcapped hoagie huts of America’s New England, O’Brien worked on race cars for eighteen years before being hit by a semi somewhere outside Concord, New Hampshire at the age of 24.

After striking up a portion of a relationship with the trucklady who struck him, O’Brien traveled the country as her mover and weekend uke bassist for the better part of a year. It was in this time that he discovered his love for boozed up hookers. And the stage.

While detailing ukeleles in Sabo San Jerry, his talents with an edger got him a one-way ticket to the bright lights of sunny Los Angeles, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Three nights he spent under an overpass, and one more on a park bench set at a Universal backlot before stumbling upon a busload of actors. On their way to a chance at being only the SECOND PERSON EVER TO PORTRAY THE LEGENDARY JOHN BRAMES JOHN.

Unfortunately for those sick idiots, Tim O’Brien was the only man who’d be given that chance. –

John Brames John
The Name’s John, Brames John.

New Creative Team Hired for Foreseeable Future

LOS ANGELES, CA– This morning we’d like to robustly announce the hiring of Nicholas Esposito, J. Shanks Kindlon, Robert Martinez, David Fieman and various members and nons of their “SuperPAC” company and collective as our new creative service team.

After meddling productions and mediocre successes at best, the team made it big with a crossover group sextape and album at the tailend of last quarter. With bitcoin sales on the slow rise and internet clicks for “twink bk sandy boys with surf and turf” hitting all-time highs, the bright lights of Hollywood ensnared them.

“Luckily” for us, we wrote up the first contracts. CEO J. Louis Reilly had this to say of the acquisition:

“These boys is a part of my artmy now, and ain’t no return draft.”

Join us in welcoming the gang to the Makeson Drinxon family, and stay tuned for their first Makeson Drinxon official title, “Makeson Drinxon’s Enter the Drinxon: The Makeson Drinxon Way,” coming soon.

Liquor Is Ours.

Makeson Drinxon presents: Tequila & Brandy — The Liquor That God Intended

IMG953811 small

“When I emerged from my Holy Mother’s birth canal all those years I did ago, my life began its path toward greatness. Through trial, tribulation, intoxication and indignation, I clawed my way to the top with ain’t not one bit of help from no one.

At the ripe age of fifteen, I was already a rugged man of brooding mystery. Stumbled and taut, I once found myself sat at the end of some dusty rathole cantina south of the border, underneath two handfuls of bushy prostitute. When the barman asked me my drink in whatever foreign tongue his lips smacked in, without question or knowledge of the divine hand gently guiding my voice, I spoke:

Tequila & Brandy.

And ever since, the way has been paved. Now, as I stand above the world and look down from upon high, it is you who gets to revel in the glory of my genius. Enjoy it. Imbibe it. Bathe in it. And most importantly, buy it. It’s my two favorite liquors. Put together.”*

-J. Louis Reilly, CEO

(dictated, not written. *heavily edited)