Makesing Dreamsons™

The Makesing Dreamsons Creative ThinkTank™


Have you ever had a dream?

We know you have. There’s no need to lie. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. At least not yet.

Every single day we see normals of the world hoping and dreaming and never achieving. Especially artists. The “human trash of the planet.”

So we have taken it upon ourselves as an entity and taxable individual (person) to scour the globe and find the next big “artists.” To cultivate their creative ventricles into harvestable seeds. To cull these seeds from within their minds and bodies and to help them present the fruits of said seeds to you, the consumer.

Isn’t this cool?

It totally is. We are ever on the hunt for the newest additions to our creative service team and ThinkTank. And that is super cool of us as well.

Art wouldn’t be possible without the support of corporate backing, nor should it be. And it is equally cool of us to take it upon ourselves to shoulder some of the dead artist weight draining all of the water out of California.

Featured Artists

Apostrophe S – A NY-based musical prodigy and member of SuperPAC. Listen Here

The Stream Team – A team of video game digital athletes streaming feats of skill and mass carnage on Twitch.

Icky Ricky – COMING SOON

Think You Have What It Drinx?

To apply or put yourself in the running to join the minds at Makeson Drinxon, contact via E-mail or beeper 590-000-0000

Check out the rest of our webcampsite to see if you’re what we want, and you’re ready to make lots of million dollars!