In today’s day and age, nothing says art and/or storytelling more than a big corporation buying the rights to a beloved, dead film franchise in the hopes of revving up sales with their cross-branded ad-hocking.

With that in mind, allow all of us here at Makeson Drinxon to proudly present the first new John Brames John action film in twenty-six years (except for the critically panned pre-prequel we made last year) — JOHN BRAMES JOHN CANNOT BE STOPPED!

When President of Makeson Drinxon and the United States J. Louis Reilly’s secret Tequila & Brandy recipe is stolen, the world’s nuclear arsenal is in grave danger.

Only one man can save us all… but no one’s heard from him in over twenty-five years.

Returning to the role he made famous over twenty-five years ago, LUIGI CONTE is back because JOHN BRAMES JOHN CANNOT BE STOPPED!

JBJCBS Theatrical Poster
John Brames John Cannot Be Stopped, Copyright 2018