Enter the Drinxon: The Makeson Drinxon Way

Watch Makeson Drinxon’s Enter the Drinxon: The Makeson Drinxon Way Here!

The world has lost it’s way. Having recently been bought by Makeson Drinxon and dragged out of obscurity, John Brames John is sent by CEO and genius J. Louis Reilly on a mission to find the truth. To learn the secrets, and steer America down— “The Makeson Drinxon Way”

After 25 years… Super Agent John Brames John returns in this pre-prequel action event from the mind of genius J. Louis Reilly and Executive Produced by The SuperPAC.

The Ghost of Roger Ebert says “Not sure if I loved it, loathed it, or fell into an alternate universe where Out For Justice was made by Ozu. Either way, I Entered the Drinxon.”  (Source)

Stay tuned for the next chapter of the John Brames John saga, JOHN BRAMES JOHN CANNOT BE STOPPED! COMING SOON…