“This Car is Very Fast” (1991)

“This Car is Very Fast”

   The 8th and final John Brames John feature produced by Cinema NonnaFascina marked the end of an era.

    After infamous ties to match-fixing in the Italia 90’ World Cup dominated tabloid headlines, the money had all but dried up for Papa Testa Cazzo and his outfit. Investors left. The industry blacklisted. And oh how the mighty have fallen.

     But Cazzo was a fighter. And as such put every penny he had left including any of the pennies he took from the waiter at his regular dinner spot into one final hurrah.

    Produced by Cazzo. Directed by Cazzo. Written by the only man who had stayed with him from day one, the inscrutable Pippi Pissioli. Made for a total of 34 lira, 20 of which went to the phony 10,000 lira check given to Luigi Conté as payment.

    And the film ultimately put whatever nails were left in the series coffin. NonnaFascina withered away. Papa Cazzo wound up in jail. And not a single person has heard from Luigi Conté in almost 25 years…