“For the Lust of John” (1988)

“For the Lust of John”

       With their 5th John Brames John installment, Cinema NonnaFascina turned to legend of Italian POV erotica Enzo Fisturazzo for a “more cinematic experience” with “unsimulated penetration of the mind and genitalia.”

      What resulted was a full-on thriller that John Waters says “plays like Hitchcock at the Playboy mansion on mescaline.”

      A nuanced Conte performance garnered nominations in both art house festivals and adult film awards for acting, as well as an historic official selection for the film at the ‘88 I Can’t Believe That’s Not Porn Awards.

     Thanks to its more filmic and sexual, almost Cassavetes-esque approach, “Per la Concupiscence della John” remains the most award recognized entry in the John Brames John saga to this very day.