“Buongiorno, Now Die!” (1987)

“Buongiorno, Now Die!”

       1987 marked the first full-pitch efforts of Cinema NonnaFascina to smash American audiences with the John Brames phenome-John.

       After teaming up with Silvio Burlusconi’s Fininvest and R. Rambeaux Reilly’s First Crude Inc. for their last effort, somewhere in the range of 12,000 VHS copies of the new, fourth Brames film “Ciao! Mortacci Tua!” mysteriously found themselves in sleeves for “Top Gun,” “The Karate Kid Pt II,” and “The Color Purple” under the new “Americanised” title “Buongiorno, Now Die!” across the states.

        The “mix-up” saw not only a boost of viewership in the most competitive film market in the world, but is noted by Leonard Maltin as “a stroke of goddamn genius in storytelling, marketing, and title-changing.”

        Soon after the home video debacle, a limited theater release stateside was met with Rocky Horror-like cult screenings: complete with open liquor consumption, gunfire, group copulation and the burning of James Bond effigies.