“The Name on The Lips Downstairs” (1986)

“The Name on The Lips Downstairs”

         Touted as “an exploration of the violent and sexual limits of film,” “The Name on The Lips Downstairs” was hotly anticipated by a now feverishly growing fan base.  At least seven people, mostly adolescent boys and one single mother, had begun forming fan-groups and mini-conventions in the build-up to its release.

        With the announcement of U2 songwriter and action movie fetishist, The Edge, contributing music, an army of depressed teenagers previously unaware were now also being exposed to the Brames.

          The film wowed it’s pubescent masses with its grit and frequent exposed testicle shots, and is considered by The Edge to be “the biggest influence of any single work on (U2’s 1987 smash album) The Joshua Tree.”