“The Scent of Passion” (1985)

“The Scent of Passion” (1985)

“The Scent of Passion”

      Two weeks after production wrapped on “The Sex is Plentiful,” Papa Cazzo and Luigi Conté dove head-first into shooting their second Brames feature, “il Profumo della Passione” (The Scent of Passion).

      Even with much of the first film still being completed, Papa Cazzo was, in his own words, “sure that John Brames John was destined to become a character as iconic as Caesar, or King Lear, or even Cocco Bill” (an Italian cowboy cartoon started in the ‘50s). And he wasn’t wrong.

      After being confused with a similarly titled adult film, “The Scent of Passion” toppled the blistering success of its predecessor, screening at over 200 theaters, all of which showed only pornography, including Chicago’s own gay club the Bijou Theater.

       To this day, historians still ponder whether this blatant mismarketing was an honest mistake or one of the sexiest deceptions in movie studio history. Either way, John Brames John was here to stay.