Classic John Brames John Posters

Throughout the course of the ’80s and early ’90s, Italy’s Cinema NonnaFascina released a total of 8 John Brames John features starring the legendary Luigi Conté. Here we take a look back at the films that led us to the Makeson Drinxon-fueled John Brames John of today.

“The Sex is Plentiful” (1984)

il sesso e abbondante
“The Sex is Plentiful”

         The first ever John Brames John feature is released by Italian production house Cinema NonnaFascina, under the guidance of owner and suspected mafia event planner “Papa” Testa Cazzo, catapulting then unknown Luigi Conté from the depths of petty thievery and go-go dancing to the B-movie superstardom of Italian Hollywood, or more commonly, “Itallywood.”

       Coming off of his two most profitable films to date in “Pugno Bambino se Lui Dice” (Punch Baby if He Tells) and “Una Donna Potrebbe non Essere Una Donna” (A Woman Might Not Be A Woman), Cazzo knew all bets were off after “The Sex is Plentiful” doubled its 200 lira budget in little over 14 weeks, and the legend of John Brames John had begun.