John Brames John

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To really answer such a loaded question, we must first know the story behind the man…

Born in a small village outside of one of Rome’s many trade outlets, the man who would originally come to be known as John Brames John is, in truth, a man named Luigi Conté.

The son of a fisherman, Conté seems to have spent his early days fishmongering and pasting advertising bills in and around the Open City for dirt pay.

Odd jobs and petty crime fed his only real hope which, in his own words, was “to sleep with many women and possibly drive a fast car.” His thoughts never stretched much past the end of his own nose until one fateful night… in a little place called Il Scucc.

Not truly a gay bar, but possessing that oh-so-Italian quality of seeming very much so while maintaining an overabundance of misogynistic machismo, Il Scucc was the “it” spot for several small game, B-movie film producers and their likes in the cocaine-fuelled nights of the pre-Berlusconi era ‘80s. It was there that Luigi was go-go dancing at the time.

One such producer, a “Papa” Testa Cazzo was in the midst of his producing height. His Cinema NonnaFascina film production company was coming off of two of their biggest successes in Pugno Bambino se Lui Dice” (Punch Baby If He Tells), and Una Donna Potrebbe non Essere Una Donna” (A Woman Might Not Be A Woman).

Not even these triumphs, however, could match what would be the pomp of his next effort–his magnum opus– of John Brames John.

Though it has never been proven, most film historians agree that the naming of the character stemmed from Papa Cazzo’s now famous misunderstanding of the catch phrase to a better known spy series, but all can tell you that this was Cazzo’s attempt at Flint-ing Italy with a true action hero superspy of their own. And in Luigi Conté’s speedoed dancing body, he saw the only man who could take on the job.

At almost the moment of their meeting, Papa Cazzo and his star got to work on their first feature: John Brames John in Il Sesso é Abbondante (The Sex is Plentiful). The film was a blistering success, doubling its 200 lira budget in little over 14 weeks.

il sesso e abbondante
“The Sex is Plentiful”

Two weeks after production wrapped on Plentiful, production ramped up full throttle on Cinema NonnaFascina’s 2nd John Brames John picture, “Il Profumo di Passione” (The Scent of Passion), and the legend of Luigi Conté–or rather John Brames John–was underway.

“The Scent of Passion”


After 8 films and a lifetime of scandal, neither sight nor sound of Luigi Conté has been made in nearly two decades.

Since the acquisition of the “John Brames John” property and franchise by Makeson Drinxon in 2014, all efforts were made to locate the former action star. Yet it seemed the search was in vain.

So we took it upon ourselves to make a full-on Los Angeles-wide casting call. “Makesing The Nexxxt John Brames John.” With careful care and consideration, our champion emerged: Tim O’Brien— Veritable unknown hailing from the snowy reaches of America’s great northeast.

In the midst of his star turn, O’Brien  left the set to never return. Production wrapped on  THE PRE-PREQUEL “ENTER THE DRINXON: THE MAKESON DRINXON WAY” and immediately began on the planned feature, JOHN BRAMES JOHN CANNOT BE STOPPED. Who would be the new John Brames John? How could this legendary series be revived?? Watch the entire journey on the award-winning making-of reality tv series, MAKESING THE BRAND.

AND NOW– Under the guidance of Creative Service Team “The SuperPAC,” Makeson Drinxon proudly present the next chapter in the John Brames John saga– JOHN BRAMES JOHN CANNOT BE STOPPED.