Cockheads & Cocktails

Here may you find the perfect Makeson Drinxon Mixin’s™ for your Fixin’s™

For the mornin’:


Dick Slipper
“The Dick Slipper”

“The Dick Slipper” – 2 parts Makeson Drinxon Tequila & Brandy, 1 raw egg.

The Argonaut
“The Argonaut”

“The Argonaut” – Split open a First Crude Markets avocado and fill both halves with Makeson Drinxon Tequila & Brandy.

Your Cousin
“Your Cousin”

“Your Cousin” – 3 parts First Crude Markets tomato juice, 2 parts First Crude Markets chocolate sauce, 6 parts Makeson Drinxon Tequila & Brandy, 1 banana, 2 deviled eggs, some Makeson Drinxon brand Shakesin’s™ seasoning for the burn, and don’t tell mom!

Wake-Up Call
“The Wake-Up Call”

“The Wake-Up Call” – 1 handle Makeson Drinxon Tequila & Brandy, 1/2 quart of rice milk, broken egg shells from either Dick Slipper or Your Cousin enjoyed prior, Makeson Drinxon brand Shakesin’s™ and 1 First Crude Wireless prepaid Cellular Phone with extendable antenna and 20 hrs of loaded minutes for stirring!

For the evenin’:


"Tequila & Brandy"
“Tequila & Brandy”

“Tequila & Brandy” – Makeson Drinxon Tequila & Brandy. However it’s served.

“Mary Jean O’Cherry”

“Mary Jean O’Cherry” – Makeson Drinxon Tequila & Brandy with an entire branch of Dell’s Brand Maraschino cherries of NYC.

“Shakesin Dixon” – Makeson Drinxon Tequila & Brandy with Makeson Drinxon brand Shakesin’s™ seasoning.