Makeson Drinxon Relieve SuperPAC from Creative Role

LOS ANGELES, CA— With the release of the finale episode of their reality-style series Makesing the Brand on Monday, Makeson Drinxon would like to officially announce the firing of Super Preeminent American Cinema from their creative roles in the marketing and entertainment department.

The move triggers a deep-page loophole in the contracts signed by SuperPAC founding member Nich Esposito that states “in the event of firing or release of duty, the aforementioned signee relinquishes soul property of self and creative output, vis a vis their waking life, as well as remain a platform of and conduit for any and all creative endeavors of the company (MAXDRX), insofar as their lives and social media at any given moment will allow.”

Effective immediately, the removal paves the way for administrative acquisition Thom Dingmus to head up the new-look marketing and entertainment department at Makeson Drinxon under the “post-millennial guidance” of his tech-first lab team. The Makesing Dreamsons ThinkTank and associated art ventures will continue in this new makeup.

Next week’s web-wide release of The SuperPAC’s final film for Makeson Drinxon, “JOHN BRAMES JOHN CANNOT BE STOPPED” is still slated for a marquee President’s Day premiere, and expected to do big numbers for the company.

Makeson Drinxon would like to thank The SuperPAC for their years of tireless effort and expect some wonderful forced promotion of our products from the team in the future.

Below read the synopsis for JOHN BRAMES JOHN CANNOT BE STOPPED, coming Monday 2/19:

“When the President’s secret Tequila & Brandy recipe is stolen, the world’s nuclear arsenal is in danger, and only one man can save us all…

The newest John Brames John adventure from Makeson Drinxon brings us the return of legend Luigi Conté to the titular role he made famous over an epic 8-film run through the ‘80s and ‘90s.

In it, John Brames John is sent by the President of Makeson Drinxon and the United States to retrieve the secret Tequila & Brandy recipe and save the world’s nukes. Action! Violence! Explosions! Sexy Sexism! Action! Branded Product Enrichment! Expect all of this and more in… JOHN BRAMES JOHN CANNOT BE STOPPED… coming President’s Day 2018.”