Makesing Dreamsons™ Sign SuperPAC Alum to New Deal

SuperPAC Musician “Apostrophe S” Has Been Signed to New Extension Deal With Makesing Dreamsons Creative Thinktank™

LOS ANGELES, CA — The Makeson Drinxon family and Makesing Dreamsons Creative Thinktank™ are excited to announce that early this week resident SuperPAC musician Apostrophe S has been signed to a separate musician contract extension.

In addition to all work with the Thinktank’s first acquisition (Super Preeminent American Cinema), Apostrophe S will now head up the new Makeson Music Drinxon Academy, a creative hub for all things Makesing Dreamsons music.

After signing the deal, The Artist Who Denotes Ownership said of the Academy: “I’m so glad to finally be making it out of the basement and into the dungeon. I’d like to thank the higher ups at Makeson Drinxon and let everyone know that I’m changing the name of this musical subsidiary to Makeson Traxin’s Music Academy or something. Stay up.”

You can find Apostrophe S’ newest release The Stakes Are So Low, But The Standards Are So High here.

Makeson Drinxon’s OFFICIAL Review of “Enter the Drinxon: The Makeson Drinxon Way”

In today’s fast-paced capitalist society, it is easy to lose sight of what matters. The liberal media and leftist entertainment industry are ever stifled by their notions of total free speech and creative expression.

Never was there truly a time when a story or property could flourish without the backing of power. Of money. Of prestige.

So its all the more refreshing then, when a piece of work today not only shows an understanding of this method, but respects it. Has the foresight to revel in the glory that is branding. Decisions driven only by the product that makes the telling of your story possible. The singing of your song. The living of your life.

That is why it is with great pleasure we give Makeson Drinxon’s Enter the Drinxon: The Makeson Drinxon Way an unencumbered 5 STARS and 5 Barrel Bottles™ for its outstanding aptitude in honoring its sponsor.

The return of John Brames John was a spectacle outshone solely by the product that he’s searching for, Makeson Drinxon’s Tequila & Brandy. And that’s exactly how a movie should be.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store when John returns in John Brames John Cannot Be Stopped.


***** (5 stars)

ßßßßß (5 Barrel Bottles™)