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New Video Game Digital Athletes “The Stream Team” Join Makesing Dreamsons Creative Thinktank™

 LOS ANGELES, CA– We would like to officially announce video game digital athletes and professional online murderers “The Stream Team” as the newest members of the Makeson Drinxon family.

After flying in from New York early Sunday morning, team representative Randomh3ro1 signed the trio up to an undisclosed long-term creative and “total-cover” contract beginning immediately.

The end of March will see the first official Makeson Drinxon 24 Hour Stream Team Cream Dream LaserBeam Stream brought to you by Makeson Drinxon. Other team members ir0nbarbarian and f00kme said, “we are not only overjoyed by the deal with Makeson Drinxon, we’ve already purchased 24″ rims and hot tubs in anticipation of the money!”

Not so sure what they meant by that last part, but join us in welcoming the Stream Team to the Dream Team at Makesing Dreamsons™ and follow along with their immoral bloodsporting at Twitch TV. (alt links: f00kmeir0nbarbarian)