Makeson Drinxon Official Statement

In Light of Recent Rumors

Though we usually don’t like to fuel the fire of bad journalism with an outward response to accusations and assumptions made by the media and public outlets, we feel now is the time to be clear under such libelous claims from this trashy “Borfes Magazine,” or whatever they call themselves.

Let us state it plainly: There is not one, not one single ounce of the recent “John Brames Gone” clickbait garbage published by this supposed periodical that holds any bit of truth, aside from the fact that Tim O’Brien is working with The SuperPAC on the current Makeson Drinxon John Brames John web film project.

Their incendiary hate speech does little more than gain the clicks and views of empty wet brains. We’re not sure how much it costs to employ a fact checker or editor of any kind, but it must be out of their budget.

Here’s some facts for you:

Barton Everett is a wannabe son to a shit father that wasn’t really his. He chews cheese and smells of it badly. His magazine stinks even worse.

If you want a war, a war you will get, Borfes. You have been warned.